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Guided Travel vs. Independent Travel

CTS Tours guided itineraries are designed to take the hassle out of travel and include just about everything in the tour price for substantial savings.   Independent travel gives individuals more flexibility and exclusivity.

Guided travel vs. Independent travel

Guided travel in a group situation remains the preferred way to travel throughout China and some areas in Asia, due to limited use of the English language.  Group size is generally about 10 – 15.  Larger groups can produce lower tour prices while incurring many inconveniences.  Many participants enjoy meeting people from other parts of the country and sometimes, long lasting friendships are formed.  A bilingual Tour Manager will meet the group upon arrival and remain with the group throughout their stay.  Additional local guides may join the group to provide more in-depth information of a particular area as the group travels to other cities.   

Family Groups

There is an increase in extended families traveling together with similar requirements to share the experience. Every effort will be made to meet the needs of any specific requests, such as nearby room allocations and dietary meals.  

As a general rule, a group discount applies to a group of 10 or more for airfares and a minimum of five hotel rooms.

Student Groups

CTS Tours organises many student groups each year with thousands of students enjoying cultural exchanges.  Teachers choose itineraries that focus on history and culture with the highlight being the opportunity to meet with students their own age attending school sessions together for lasting friendships.

Special like-minded interests can be addressed, such as an exchange in music, the arts or athletics.  Visiting students can sometimes be accommodated in vacant dormitories during school holidays.