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Your partner in Asia and New Zealand

Asia, in particular China, is regarded as one of the largest trading markets in the world.It is most important to have a travel professional that really knows China because English speaking usually stops at the hotel door. CTS Tours is in a unique situation as an overseas branch of the CTS network with hundreds of offices throughout the region to provide local support and personalised service on a 24/7 basis.To start with, business travel in China can be frustrating for a non-Chinese speaking person as planning a trip outside tourist attractions can be quite challenging. CTS is considered China’s “one stop travel shop” because it handles millions of passengers every year to secure highly discounted contract rates for flights, hotels and all travel related services including transfers with an English speaking guide.

Lisa Li, General Manager and Barbara Boyce, Business Development Manager with business delegation in the Great Hall of the People at the historic signing of the Free Trade Agreement Prime Minister Helen Clark and Premier Wen Jiabao witnessing the signing of the historic Free Trade Agreement in the Great Hall of the People